Green Party of Cyprus and Union of Cypriots will make a statement about the Akan Kürşat case

The Cyprus Green Party and the Union of Cypriots announced that they will make a statement about the Akan Kürşat case at their party headquarters tomorrow.

The announcement shared with the public is as follows:

Withdrawal of the Kürşat case suggests that the attorney general’s office is not only unaccountable but also dangerous.

We were outraged to learn of the withdrawal of the case against Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kürşat, who is involved in the case of the usurpation of Greek Cypriot property in the occupied territories.

The prosecution, i.e. the unaccountable Prosecutor’s Office, suddenly discovered that the British witness is dead and cannot – supposedly – establish a case in court.

The case smells of a plot and a frame-up.

Who, after all, did not suspect that there was some kind of deal behind the change of the original decision to try the case in Cyprus instead of Italy?

Tomorrow, Friday 1 March at 12.00 noon, the First Vice President of the Movement, Mr. Kyriacos Tsimillis and the President of the Union of Cypriots, Mr. Oz Karahan, will make a statement on this matter to the media.

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